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Winning at the Wait List - If you're waitlisted, this is independent college admissions counseling in the final phase of ensuring student success.

"A wait list letter means just what it says.

The student is qualified. That notice is all about that college's needs that year and very little to do with the student's qualifications.

To get off the wait list, identify your assets with the greatest potential to enrich campus life.

Then show theat admissions committee what a difference you'll make."

Our Winning at the WAIT LIST service will review and help you implement three important strategies for college success and includes all the direction and support that you need to respond to schools where you've been waitlisted.

Strategy #1. Tell the college that waitlisted you what they missed.

At CollegeLab, this includes:

    1.   A thorough review of your application.

    2.   A one-hour interview to update your academic and extracurricular record and determine the likely content of your letters of recommendation.

    3.   Identifying, stating and demonstrating the most distinguishing part of your application that may have been understated in your applications.

    4.   Providing you a high-level outline of your update letters to the college(s) where you're waitlisted, editing those letters to communicate clearly and vividly your interest and qualifications to the waitlisting college for you to share with:
        a) Your school counselors
        b) Your recommenders
        c) Potential new recommenders
        d) Your interviewer, if any
        e) The admissions committee.

    5.   Helping identify the admissions staff who will evaluate new information.

    6.   Evaluating if you should propose an interview.

    7.   Delivering these letters in the most effective possible way.

    8.   Extensive e-mail and phone follow-up with you, based on how the college responds.

Strategy #2. Evaluate the colleges that still have room.

Each year in the US, dozens of well-known colleges guess wrong in the number of students they have admitted. And there are many strong English-speaking colleges abroad that have admissions deadlines later than those in the US.

Strategy #3. Look at where you can spend a "Gap Year".

That is, a year of challenging and educational activities that demonstrate you have a clear focus on the activities about which you're passionate. And which increase the odds or the clarity with which you'll contribute to life on a college campus. Together, we will assess:

  • the impact an active, challenging gap year can have on your applications; and
  • your odds if you choose to reapply next fall or to those schools that admit new students in the Spring.

Winning at the WAIT LIST 

$825 for the first waitlisting college, free for a second.

To get started,

Send us a copy of your application!

You're in the final stretch! 

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