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college admissions counseling at CollegeLab    

At CollegeLab, your private college counselor will:

  • Design a complete college admissions plan for your family.
  • Focus on building a student's strengths, not on 'fixing' things.
  • Meet each student's academic and emotional needs.
  • Complete the applications early; and
  • Meet the family's financial goals.

Our college counseling is stress-free and effective because we deliver strategies based on facts. 

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We work with client families across the US, in Europe and Asia on all their college admissions needs.


Do Independent Counselors Help?

"We have come to utilize the insights of independent counselors often. Year in and year out, they are a constant presence in the admissions world --- the school counselors change more often.”

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CollegeLab is an independent college counselor. CollegeLab is not affiliated with or compensated by any college.