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Admissions & Alumni Interviews



Each admissions office treats interviews differently. If a college offers interviews, they are telling you they value the insights they can gain. In an admissions office full of folders of qualified students, an interview can be a very valuable tool to demonstrate your potential in a three-dimensional way. Generally, the more selective the college, the more applicants they will see who are qualified. The more qualified applicants, the greater the potential benefit of an interview.

Interview only if you're prepared. The purpose of nearly all interviews is to evaluate you. Applicants who take this part of the college's evaluation seriously can improve their chances.

There's no substitute for rehearsing with someone who has conducted interviews.  We at CollegeLab have interviewed numerous high school graduates for college admissions.  This is an area where we can help applicants clarify how they present their strengths and aid their chances of admission.


How do selective colleges use the interview?

How should I prepare?

What questions will I be asked?

What questions could I be asked?

What questions should I ask?


CollegeLab can help you:

  • Prepare your answers to the most important questions;
  • Research important areas of each college to discuss;
  • Identify and answer the key questions of each interview;
  • Ensure you're comfortable by conducting mock interviews;
  • Recognize when your interview isn't going well; and
  • Follow up with your interviewer constructively.

E-mail your interview questions or 

call us toll-free at 866-377-6895.


For interview-only clients, we bill by the hour and conduct mock interviews by phone, by web-based videoconference and, in the Denver and Westchester County areas, in person.