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CollegeLab Fees

You won't find some standard fee schedule here!

We haven't found a standard applicant yet!

Understanding each student's needs and each family's goals in college admissions is critical to our success. So, our initial meeting to understand those needs and goals is always FREE.

We work with client families to achieve their goals with the least stress and the greatest success. Therefore, we work on an hourly basis to implement a plan and admissions strategy developed just for that family. 

The following outline describes steps that work for most of our client families. If you have different needs, want to work from a budget or just want to learn more, call us toll-free at (866) 377-6895 or e-mail us. 

Our First Meeting

Our first meeting will allow us at CollegeLab to learn about the student's high school academic and other accomplishments and the broader context of the family's goals. It will be organized around our understanding what would be in the student's admission folder if it was filed today. Those items and the best way to get them to us are outlined on our Getting Started page.

This will be a 60-minute consultation, by phone, in person or web-based videoconference with the student and at least one parent about:

  • The student's and family's goals, motivations and academic and other successes to date
  • If the family wishes to do so, the results of a Birkman assessment taken online
  • Discussion of what factors are likely to be most important in assembling a Portfolio of the student's academic and other skills.
  • The family's financial goals for funding college.
  • Discussion of CollegeLab's plan for building a Portfolio of challenging academics and the most rewarding extracurriculars together with selected target colleges for that student
  • An outline of where we recommend that the family invest in CollegeLab's resources and skills to build a student's Portfolio of demonstrated skills to meet their academic and financial goals for their student's college education.

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