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College Search


College discovery is only part
of the voyage of self-discovery.


Our focus on self-discovery means:

  • We view the college search process as one of the end-products of a student's self-assessment and solid college planning.

  • CollegeLab helps students with their self-assessment, college planning and thinking about their academic growth & development. 

  • We help families create a college strategy that meets their goals for their student and their financial goals.

Whenever we start with a student and his or her family, we begin by:

  • Finding the student's strengths & interests with the most reliable assessment tools available. 

  • Identifying the types of colleges and even the individual colleges which will value a student's portfolio of skills and academic potential most highly.

Whenever we begin, our first consultation is FREE.

From this snapshot of the student, we create a plan for developing a course of study and participation in the activities that demonstrate that student's strengths clearly.  Then, together with the family, we bring together the teachers, coaches and activities where that student's strengths and character will shine. 

The results?

  • Portfolio of that student's assets that can be a touchstone for many of the major decisions of a student's high school and college life.

  • a Timetable that works within the family's goals and allows for all application materials to be complete by:
    • September 15 for ALL applicants
    • Our clients can enjoy their senior year of high school!

  • A Senior Year that's stress-free for the entire family and where real learning can take place for the student.

  • Applications that are tailored to each college's needs and growth strategies, which showcase the student's potential and pointing out just where and how that student will contribute to the academic and social community at that college.

Get Started with CollegeLab!

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 college counseling with CollegeLab

CollegeLab delivers stress-free admissions strategies, personalized advice and the organization to finish on time.

It doesn't have to be like this!

Working with CollegeLab, your family can enjoy the excitement & fun of starting on the voyage of self-discovery that can make good kids strong college applicants.

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