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Our Bookstore contains only those books and other tools we have read, used and found valuable.  Clicking on their covers below will take you to where you'll find reviews, including ours, and a chance to purchase them.

Don't Forget. A counselor's perspective can be invaluable in adapting the knowledge from these books to your family's situation.

There are a number of sources for current students' insights into many colleges. While nothing beats the insights of friends or counselors that know you well, we've found the CollegeProwler series of student-written guides to be the best organized and edited of the published guides generally available.

Students! Also take a look at two unique tools we use.  The Visual Thesaurus is a stunning graphical thesaurus.  TheSilentTimer is a simple, silent tool for pacing yourself in exams.

Student-WrittenGuides - By Students For Students

Test Preparation

College Preparation


For Student Athletes

The Visual Thesaurus

The Silent Timer


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