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CollegeLab Speakers & Workshops


CollegeLab workshops

Need a speaker for College Night?

Need a seminar leader for a counselors' workshop?

Alumni Clubs: Want to address a topic certain to be on your members' minds?

CollegeLab can present topics from a series of seminars and workshops designed specifically for your group's interests. We can create a program or facilitate a retreat to meet your needs. We'll make our presentations as anecdotal or number-intensive as your audience requires. Our costs will vary.

Think about the discussions you'll start based on topics like:

Finding Hagrid:
How Managing Relationships with Adults Can Make High Schoolers Wizards

No One Pays List Price:
Why Colleges Are Being Sold like Stereos

How Colleges Recruit Children Like Yours

In each case, we'll meet your audience where they are. We'll address their questions in the way they want people to talk to them, leave them well-informed and reassured with useful handouts, checklists and even calendars. The facts are our marketing materials.


For more information, contact Paul Mulkerrin at CollegeLab.


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