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Free Admissions Tools vs. YOUR Private College Counselor

Private college admissions counseling from independent college counselors who tailor the process and your applications to your strengths.

Free answers are average answers...

Your background and college goals are anything but average.

Many solid, well-written books describe aspects of the college admissions process. The best are available in our Bookstore.

In each case, though, those books, countless websites and free online resources are written to answer the questions of as many people as possible. The most robust search technology, the deepest database of stats and the longest list of FAQs on the Web can focus only on one or two aspects of your college decision. They can calculate where you might find the best odds of admission or the lowest costs.

They don't know you. They can never pull it all together to find a good college fit for you.

So, their free answers are average answers.

Your background and college goals are anything but average. It's our job at CollegeLab to:

  • Understand your strengths and your passions;
  • Help you find activities that will demonstrate your passions and build on your strengths;
  • Articulate your passions and strengths in your applications; and
  • Find the colleges that will value those passions and strengths.

We have never had an average client.

A detailed, personalized portfolio is the best way to demonstrate your strengths, your motivation and just what you'll add to life at each campus to which you'll apply.

Student-Athletes, musicians and serious, committed academics all benefit from having a clear grasp of their strengths, motivations and the knowledge of which campuses will value them most highly.

Our clients know their strengths and want to perform. It is never easy to capture their character, preparation and dedication on the 8 or 10 pages of a college application.

We help our clients to put together applications that get right to who they are, what motivates them, what they're still hungry to learn and what they bring to the learning community on each campus.

If you'd like to discuss how we can play a supporting role for you or someone in your family, let us know.

Our first consultation is free. It will be 45 minutes and it will be very productive for you. It will be as detailed as the information you share with us.

Send us a snapshot of what your college application would look like today or learn more about our approach, in detail, including fees.