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Why CollegeLab?

Top Ten Reasons To Use CollegeLab

1. We find the schools that value you highly.

2. We prepare an individual, tailored work plan and budget for each student and family. No two applicants are alike. So, we don't have programs designed for all students or for our convenience.

3. We provide individual attention to each student and parent, professionally and confidentially. We communicate by phone, e-mail, IM and videoconference.

4. We understand the teaching culture, strengths and recruiting & marketing strategies of most American, Canadian & British colleges. We can help you find colleges that may use financial aid to attract you and help you negotiate the best financial package available.

5. We understand the stresses of the college application/selection process & work to minimize them.

6. We schedule our work with students and families to ensure essays, paperwork and application materials are completely finished by September 15 of senior year. Our clients enjoy their senior year of high school! And they learn something.

7. We help you meet application deadlines.

8. We advocate for our students and, whenever necessary, teach our students to advocate for themselves.

9. We help you showcase your talents and abilities by developing a portfolio that contains:

      a. A well-crafted resume.

      b. Application essays that show your commitment to your passions.

      c. Clear, grammatically correct essays that give some insight into you.

      d. Helpful background from the student's parents to the counselor.

10. We visit colleges constantly to offer you firsthand information about many colleges.


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